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Justine Ok (Sony/ATV)

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Huge shout out to our friend Justine Ok from Fiera Music for being one of the writers for the mega hit single from Baek Ji Young.  The Title Song “Good Boy” Paik Ji Young featuring Yong Junhyung, collaboration of Fiera/MMG and Double Side Kick is currently #1 on all Korean music download charts!

Justine Ok (Songwriter for Sony/ATV) is the heart of Fiera Music, a project-based collective of songwriters, producers, and musicians dedicated to creating hits. She was one of the gals who penned the lyrics to this billboard chart topper by Baek Ji Young. We meet Justine over a year ago when she worked with Mike Mulah on a track for Big Time Rush.  Justine is the heart of Fiera Music, a moniker for the collective of songwriters, producers, and musicians she leads as her project teams to meet the diverse and international demands of today’s global Top 40 industry. Collaborating with highly sought after names in the music business, she has worked with established producers that have written songs for major recording artists such as Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, and international superstars such as Korean singer, BoA. Armed with her background as a professionally trained vocalist and writer, Justine is most known for her ability to create catchy melodies, lush harmonies, and lyrics that speak to the heart.

Justine holds a degree in Songwriting from the Berklee College of Music and also a B.A. in Speech Communication from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has also been involved in a diverse range of other activities such as producing commercial jingles and children’s songs; hosting live college radio; print modeling; and making appearances in MTV music videos.

Recently established in 2012, Fiera Music is growing at a rapid pace with the placement of “Good Boy” by Korean Billboard recording artist Paik Ji Young featuring international idol star Yong Joonhyung of B2ST. As Fiera Music is also working with Peter Rafelson Media and M Special Events for the upcoming albums of Marisa Mota and Romana(two top Portuguese recording artists), you can expect these and more releases in the near future. If you wish to discuss a musical collaboration or would like more information, please feel free to use the contact page on this website or connect with Justine through the various social media links available above. Justine is super professional and overall a great person she deserves all the shine she gets!!! Congrats Justine

Check out her Site:

Check out the hit record below!!!

Pretty impressive!!!!Check the billboard chart list below!!!! Go Justine


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